Judy’s available lectures

Lectures: $400 +Mileage, Lodging, and meals. When a workshop is booked the Lecture is discounted to $300

 Machine Quilting

During the lecture I show quilts that have been machine quilted. There are a variety of designs from traditional to art fillers. I demonstrate how I machine quilt on my home sewing machine. One of the favorite parts of the demo is how I get a large quilt under the machine and work with it.

Quilt Like You Desire: How do I know what will look good?

Sometimes a quilt stumps us or we don’t have enough experience to know what a design will look like in an area of our quilts. This is a trunk show of my quilts that show the choices I made and how they do or don’t work as well as other options. I’ll go through traditional designs as well as my art quilt designs.

Tips and Tricks that help make quilting fun and easy

For the past 20 plus years I have experimented with many techniques and tools that have helped me make my quilts look the way I want them to. Some of the tools other quilters may have in their closet and they don’t know what it can be used for and some tools come from our kitchen or a number of other areas. There are a lot of fun tricks to make quilting fun and easy.

12 x 12 online art quilt group

12 x 12in quiltIn this lecture I share my journey of being a part of this online group. The above photo shows all of the 12” x 12” quilts that I have created so far.

Every 2 months we receive a new word. Our quilts are created to portray what we feel about this word. The process has helped me grow as a quilter and artist. Techniques that I never tried and stories are how these quilts are created.



Judy’s available workshops

3 Hour Workshops: $400 +Mileage, Lodging, and meals.
6 Hour Workshops: $600 +Mileage, Lodging, and meals.


Photo to quilt

Two 6 hour days

Autumn Leaf CropIn this workshop we will take a photo or picture and turn it into a quilt. Your picture should be a simple shape. We will add and subtract detail as we work on the composition.

Machine Quilting

To start your journey in machine quilting this class will give you practice on the basic shapes. You will be sewing on your own home sewing machine and learning what it can do for you. In this class I will tell you what I have learned about marking your quilt, pin basting, threads, needles, and the lessons I have learned in the 15 years I’ve been machine quilting. We will also talk about the walking foot and how it works. Freemotion machine quilting is a lot of fun and opens up the possibilities on how your quilt will look. It is wonderful to be able to say “I did it myself!”

Painting a Quilt

6 hours

Painted QuiltIn this workshop we will learn the techniques I use to create my painted quilts. They can be landscapes or abstract.

Machine Quilting Beginner

6 hours

Would you like to know how to machine quilt your quilts on your home sewing machine? Freemotion machine quilting is a lot of fun and opens up the possibilities on how your quilt will look. In this class everyone will work on samples that are marked and ready to quilt. The techniques that will be practiced are Continuous Line quilting; Traditional Quilt designs; Stippling; Cross Hatching; Echo quilting, and other Background quilting.  You will also learn about batting, threads, and needles. Come learn how to quilt any sized quilt from a small wall hanging to a king sized quilt. It can be done!

Machine Quilting Plus

3 or 6 hours

This class builds on the beginner class. You will be learning more designs that make great fillers in open areas of a quilt. They can be used in traditional as well as art quilts.

Rural Life Series Pattern


6 hours

Pick one of the 6 patterns that you would like to make and I will show you the tricks that make it an easy and fun quilt to make. In a full day class we can make the whole quilt top. The one pictured here is the “Cowboy” quilt.