I am a quilt artist who also loves to teach others about quilting and making their dream a reality. It is exciting to see their eyes light up in that moment when they realize they too can make their creation come alive under my guidance.

Fabric, color, and texture inspire me as a quilt artist.

Art first captured my heart at a young age. My childhood included wonderful opportunities to make cornhusk dolls, decorate cakes, sew garments, refinish furniture and many other creative pastimes. It was fun to dream up ideas to create something unique and beautiful.

 When I started quilting there were no quilt shops in the area nor rotary cutters, rulers or cutting mats. I made quilts in the footsteps of my ancestors by hand piecing, hand appliquéing, and hand quilting. To make squares for a quilt I traced around a piece of cardboard and then cut it out with scissors. It was time consuming and inaccurate, but I found joy in working with fabric and putting colors and textures together to create art. Each traditional quilt that I made has helped me learn skills and techniques that I use to make my art quilts.

Today I also draw and create designs with machine quilting that goes far beyond what my grandmother could imagine. Thread, designs, texture and color all mix in to bring my art to life.

 I have been teaching quilting classes since the mid 1990s. My students experience the joy and “Aha” moment of understanding a quilting technique that makes the whole process of making a quilt fun. Both traditional and art quilt techniques are presented in my available classes.